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Adobe Breakfast Presentation
Moving to InDesign
Tom Petrillo

We'll take a look at the process and advantages of moving legacy files to Adobe InDesign. Typography has changed. InDesign fully supports of OpenType, Optical Margin alignment (aka hanging punctuation), and a new composition engine designed to save you time and frustration. Of course, you can place native Photoshop, Illustrator and PDF files with support for layers and transparency. Expect reliable output to either PDF, Print or the Web.

Tom Petrillo is a Business Development Manager in the Professional Publishing Group at Adobe Systems. He has been with Adobe System for the past 9 years. His area of special interest is InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat. Prior to joining Adobe Systems, Tom provided training on scanners, imagesetters, and imposition products for Linotype-Hell. He has also worked as a commercial photographer and taught photography at the university level.


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